2017 Annual Report


2017 was a year of inspiration and action as we continued to grow our global and local impact.

With the executive committee under the unwavering leadership of Carrie Lee and Isaac Chan, MSAP’s projects and initiatives flourished, as evidenced in the 2017 Annual Report (below). Particular highlights include:

  • Elective Aid Program: Over the 2016-17 period, we had 14 students participate in the program, donating a sum total of nearly $6400 AUD of medical supplies.

  • Food For Thought: Our midday meals supplementation initiative continued to expand in 2017, directly reaching 180 local Gujarat students and broadcasting health messages to the wider educational district. Since the project initiation, student attendance and attentiveness have significantly increased, with quantitative data analysis to follow in March 2018.

  • Gandhi Girls Sanitation Project: 2017 saw the completion of the new MSAP-funded sanitation facilities at the KGNMT-run rural girls boarding school in India, improving quality of life for all students.

Back home, we continued to build on our local advocacy and education. Treevia, Birthing Kits Night, Global Health Short Course and our Crossing Borders Q&A Panel all sparked an interest in global health amongst attendees and inspired them to seek opportunities to learn about and tackle real-world health inequalities.