Medical Students’ Aid Project (MSAP) is the global health group at UNSW and a member of the AMSA Global Health committee.

MSAP was established in 2001 by UNSW medical students Greg Fox and Greg Moloney. The two Gregs were inspired to set up MSAP after their elective placements in a Malawi hospital where they were made critically aware of the pitfalls of health resource poor communities. On one particular experience attending to a car accident victim, they opened the resuscitation box only to find one band-aid and one dead cockroach. Much of the basic medical equipment and healthcare which we take for granted in Australia is thrown out; equipment which is vital at hospitals in lesser fortunate communities. This realisation led to the establishment of MSAP and our ongoing medical supply elective project.

17 years later, MSAP continues its legacy of education and advocacy for global health issues, particularly in the developing world. We empower our students and the greater community to contribute positively towards healthcare equity by generating awareness about global issues, raising funds, and developing and implementing community projects at both local and global levels.

By informing and connecting medical students and tomorrow’s health practitioners, MSAP aims to inspire a new generation to collaborate towards sustainable, equitable and universal healthcare.