The KGNMT Education & Sanitation Project is MSAP's exciting new project which aims to increase hygiene standards, improve health outcomes, and encourage further education of young people in rural and remote India. This project is run in collaboration with the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust (KGNMT), an organisation set up by Mahatma Gandhi to empower rural and remote women by addressing issues of literacy, education, healthcare, and employment generation.


Kanya Vidya Mandir Secondary School

This year, MSAP is funding the reconstruction of twelve toilets at the Kanya Vidya Mandir school in rural India which is run by KGNMT and boards 145 rural and remote female students.

By improving infrastructure at the school, we hope to both improve hygiene and health outomes but also promote secondary education of rural and tribal girls by providing them with proper facilities and encouraging school attendance.


Based on our consultation with the school community, the construction will include twelve new flushing toilets connected to a septic tank to replace the existing pit toilets, adjacent hand-washing area and two overhead water tanks for water storage.

Construction on the project began on the 19th of Janurary 2017 and is expected to finish by the 31th of March.


The construction of sanitary facilities at Kanya Vidya Mandir School funded by MSAP is expected to finish by the end of March 2017


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The KGNMT Education & Sanitation Project has seen promising progress since the year began, but requires further support in order to maintain its influence. Your support is welcomed and highly appreciated. To donate, simply click below.