After a visit to the rural school by Project Officer Heeral Thakkar, it was shocking to see the levels of malnutrition suffered by the children. Despite the Indian Government’s Midday Meals initiative, the children were visually hunger stricken. Inspired to effect change on the social injustice of such rampant corruption that left children starving and unable to concentrate at school, the Food for Thought project was born. After much discussion and planning with Project’s team co-officer, Sharanya Mohan, and the rest of MSAP’s executive team, MSAP's Food for Thought was officially launched on March 15th.

Heeral Thakkar scouting for schools in Nadiad in Eastern Gujarat, India (2016)

Heeral Thakkar scouting for schools in Nadiad in Eastern Gujarat, India (2016)

Since it’s inception, Food for Thought has expanded to include providing the children with a basic health education, setting up eye checks with the help of the local hospital, and cultivating healthy habits such as hand-washing. Local businesses in Nadiad have also shown their support of this project, with one donating liquid soap on a monthly basis for the children to use.

Currently, the project is supporting 180 children in the school “Seem Shala Jibhaipura”. By next year,  MSAP hopes to broaden the scope of this project to nourish the lives of children in a second school, and also the community as a whole. MSAP is also planning on building new flushing toilets at the school to further incentivise the education of rural children, as currently the children are using squat toilets that have no doors and are broken in many places.

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