Annually, MSAP supplies monetary grants for fifth year medical students to spend on health resources for their medical placement electives in developing countries. These purpose of these grants is to fund vital medical equipment to improve health outcomes and ease financial barriers to adequate healthcare in these regions.

In 10 easy steps, you can help make a lasting difference in your elective placement. 

  1. Get assigned to an MSAP Electives Member (MEM)
  2. Together, contact your hospital and determine medicine/equipment needed by your hospital.
  3. Research local suppliers to purchase equipment from. Your MEM will have knowledge about previous suppliers students have purchased equipment from, particularly if you are going to a popular placement.
  4. Produce a budget and proposal outlining how you will obtain your supplies.
  5. The MSAP Electives Officers will review your proposal and allocate you a sum ranging from $300-2000.
  6. If equipment cannot be obtained overseas, purchase equipment locally with your MEM.
  7. Go on Elective!
  8. Purchase equipment whilst on your placement in a developing country.
  9. Keep your proof of purchase for any equipment: this includes receipts and photos of you with the equipment.
  10. Get reimbursed!

If you're a future elective student that may plan on going to  a developing country, fill out the form below to stay in touch with our elective officers! For more information, contact them directly at: electives@msap.org.au

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